Toimub 4. NISI MASA Eksperimentaalfilmide töötuba!

Kui oled 18-35 aastane filmindusest huvitatud ja eriti eksperimentaalkinost, siis see on just sulle! NISI MASA võrgustik toob neljandat korda huvilisteni eksperimentaalfilmide töötoa. Loodame näha osavõtjate seas ka eestlasi! Loe tingimuste kohte täpsemalt allpool. 

Are you a young European artist (18-35 years old), driven by innovative experimental audio-visual expression, always on the lookout for new ways of expression and collaborations? Do you enjoy creative challenges and would like to take the pulse of what’s coming up next in the world of cinematic and media experiments? If your answer is YES to all the above, book your trip and join us in Bucharest 14 -20 March 2016 for the 4th NISI MASA Experimental workshop at BIEFF.

20 participants will be selected upon filling out this form.


The fee for the workshop is 150 Euros for international participants and 80 Euros for Romanian participants. For the international participants, the fee also covers the accommodation for 6 nights at the lovely hostel Doors, situated in the heart of Bucharest. The fee also covers accreditations for the festival screenings and events for all selected participants. Travel and food expenses are not covered by the participation fee. During the 7-day workshop the 20 participants will be guided by international tutors and guest artists, and work on experimental filmmaking. Together, they will produce short film experiments that will be premiered under the frame of BIEFF Bucharest International Experimental Film Festival, on the last day, March 20th.

The working method of the workshop is collaboration, reflection and sharing with fellow participants. Whether we work on film stock or VR (techniques are not restricted!), our aim is to learn, explore and develop ourselves and our projects together.

Working language of the workshop is English.

About TUTORS and other conditions HERE.

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